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We provide total transportation services

We provide total transportation services covering Air-freight, Sea-freight, Road-freight and express door to door deliveries to and virtually from all corners of the world.

Supply Chain Solutions

Our company specializes in providing cutting-edge supply chain solutions...

End-to-end transportation

We are a leading force in the transportation sector, specializing in...

Contract logistics

We lead in contract logistics, offering tailored solutions that seamlessly...

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Seamless Logistics, Global Reach: Your Partner in Effortless Forwarding Solutions.
Connecting Continents, Delivering Excellence: Your Global Freight Partner for Seamless Logistics Solutions.

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What We Offer

Empower your business with better logistics

Air freight

Elevate your shipments with our company, delivering unparalleled air freight solutions. We pride ourselves on securing the best air rates in the industry, ensuring swift, cost-effective, and reliable global transportation. Trust us to optimize your air logistics for peak efficiency and competitiveness.

Ocean freight

Sail confidently with our company, your premier sea freight partner. We specialize in delivering the best sea freight rates in the industry, offering cost-effective and reliable shipping solutions for your global cargo. Partner with us for unparalleled efficiency in your maritime logistics journey.

Custom clearing

As a trusted customs brokering service, our company is a government-authorized C&F licensee, specializing in customs clearing and forwarding services. Operating in key hubs such as the main seaport in Chittagong, the main airport in Dhaka, and other major import custom houses in Bangladesh, we ensure seamless and compliant international trade operations. Choose us for efficient customs solutions, navigating regulatory landscapes with expertise.

Inland transport and warehousing

Reliable Express Ltd is your trusted partner for inland transportation and warehousing in Bangladesh. With a fleet of covered vans, open trucks, and trailers, we ensure reliable transportation to and from all corners of the country. Additionally, our warehousing facilities in Dhaka airport and Chittagong cater to your storage needs, ensuring a seamless logistics experience.




Air Freight


Sea Freight


Road Transport

Supply Chain Technology & Customized Solutions

Competitive Advantages to The Largest Companies!
The individual boasts comprehensive experience across various transportation modes, encompassing road, air, and sea. They excel in negotiating competitive freight rates with shipping lines and possess the ability to deliver cost-effective and efficient cargo shipping solutions tailored to customer requirements. Furthermore, their expertise extends to a thorough understanding of over/cross-border cargo movement, and they are proficient in arranging storage solutions for cargo.

Why Choose Us

Experience the benefits of smooth moving

Customer Satisfaction Tools

We utilize cutting-edge customer satisfaction tools to ensure optimal service. From streamlined cargo tracking systems to personalized communication channels, their tools prioritize client satisfaction through efficient logistics and transparent processes.

Freight Payment Options

We offer flexible Freight Payment Options, providing clients with convenient and secure financial solutions for their shipping needs. From traditional methods to digital transactions, they prioritize diverse payment channels for a seamless and tailored experience.

Management & Reporting

We excel in Management & Reporting, employing robust systems for real-time tracking and comprehensive reporting. Their efficient tools enable transparent oversight of shipments, ensuring clients are informed and empowered throughout the logistics process.

Compliance Solutions

We stand out for its meticulous Compliance Solutions, ensuring adherence to international regulations and customs requirements. With a focus on legal and regulatory compliance, they facilitate seamless and secure global cargo movement for clients.

Whatever your industry, we are your global freight forwarder



Specializing in seamless global logistics solutions, our automotive-focused freight forwarding company ensures efficient and reliable transportation of vehicles and automotive components, navigating the complexities of international supply chains with expertise and precision.



As a premier freight forwarding partner in the technological sector, we excel in facilitating the swift and secure global movement of cutting-edge electronics and technology components, ensuring seamless import and export processes for our clients.



We specialize in the safe and timely import or export of critical medical supplies and pharmaceuticals, dedicated to ensuring the global flow of essential healthcare goods.



As a trusted freight forwarding partner in the industrial sector, we specialize in facilitating the efficient global movement of diverse industrial products, providing seamless import and export solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.



As a premier freight forwarding company specializing in retail and fashion logistics, we excel in the seamless global transportation of trendsetting merchandise, offering tailored import and export solutions for the dynamic needs of the retail and fashion industry.

Food & beverages(perishable and nonperishable)

Food & beverages(perishable and nonperishable)

As a top-tier freight forwarding company specializing in the food and beverage industry, we ensure the secure and timely import/export of both perishable and non-perishable items, utilizing specialized containers to preserve quality and freshness throughout the global supply chain.


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